Police: Man broke down door, pulled knife over phone charger, cash at Myrtle Beach motel

A 27-year-old Myrtle Beach man is facing several charges after breaking down a door and threatening others with a knife over a phone charger and money, according to a police report.

Police responded to a motel on 7th Avenue North for an assault call Thursday. Officers could hear yelling coming from the top floor of the motel, where the room in connection to the incident was located, the report states.

Officers came in contact with the offender — later identified as Joel Michael Emerson — at the top of the stairwell in front of the room. Police detained Emerson and removed a black and light pink pocket knife from his waistband, according to the report.

Emerson told police he believed the people inside the room had his phone charger and money, police noted. Emerson told police he believed someone other than himself had called 911 to have officers help him retrieve his belongings, the report states. He told police he got tired of waiting and decided to make his way into the apartment himself.

Emerson told police he knocked on the door but no one answered, the report states. Then, he kicked down the door and entered the room, where he saw one of the occupants holding a butcher knife. In response, he pulled his pocket knife, according to the report.

The victim said he was cutting chicken when Emerson was knocking at the door. He said Emerson would not identify himself when asked who was at the door, the report states. Therefore, the victim grabbed the butcher knife and backed away from the door to stand his ground as Emerson made entry.

Emerso_fitted (1).jpeg
Joel Michael Emerson J. Reuben Long Detention Center

The victim and another person identified as victim 2 told police Emerson made it about 3 feet into the room and threatened to “stick” them with his pocket knife, according to the report. Emerson put the knife away just before police arrived.

The first victim told police that he’d met Emerson through a mutual friend and had allowed him to stay the night in the apartment the previous day. The second victim told police he knew Emerson through another person who stays at the motel.

The first victim told police that earlier in the day Emerson accused an unknown black man of stealing his charger and money, which led to a physical altercation before he left, the report states. Emerson later returned and threatened to kick the door, making the first victim believe the suspect would kill or rob him inside the apartment.

Based on information provided by both victims, Emerson and a witness, officers put Emerson under arrest, the report states. During a search of the suspect, police found a clear plastic bag with meth inside his hat.

Emerson was still incarcerated as of Sunday afternoon while charged with first-degree assault and battery, burglary, possession of a weapon during a violent crime and drug possession.

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